Dr. Lilit Gevorgyan

Lilit Gevorgyan
Lead Consultant, Human-Environment Systems Vulnerability & Spatial Data Analysis

Dr. Lilit Gevorgyanis specialized in Human-Environment Systems Vulnerability, Spatial Data Analysis,GIS, Disaster Risk Management, Framework Development, Risk Assessment. MSc inMathematics, GIS and research on socio-economic and environmental vulnerabilities and resilience aligned with long experience in seismic risk assessment are the keys to work on multidisciplinary problems of Disaster Risk Management. She is particularly interested in exploring complex systems’ behaviour afected by natural hazards.  She got PhD in Risk and Emergency Management studying spatial links between Socio-economic developments and Ecosystem Services and built a Human-Environment Systems Vulnerability Index to floods.

She has more than a decade of work experience and has exposure of working with different international organizations such as Risk Management Solutions (RMS Inc.) in the USA, European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering (EUCENTRE) in Italy.