Within a short period of time, since its establishment in 2013, Wenni Consult  has been able to attract and retain a number of clients as it successfully delivered high quality services. In particular, the firm has been commissioned by different partners to professionally deliver assignments of various scope.  The following table presents some of our ongoing and previous assignments.

Assignment Organizations Period

External Evaluation of “Food Security Project for Lemo Community in Lemo District, Hadiya Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia”. Assessed the outcomes of the project or progress toward impact in terms of indicators stated in the project document, identifying knowledge shared and transferred to non-project targets and even for other projects of EECMY DASSC, and extracting lessons as well as formulating evidence based recommendations that would contribute to organizational learning


Disaster Risk Reduction Process Oriented Consultancy (Provided technical backstopping on the implementation (identification of gaps and providing capacity building training or sessions when needed) of Dereba Lighthouse CCA/DRR Pilot project; Joint (international consultant, local consultant, EECMY DASSC, Dessie BO, Project Staff) monitoring and evaluation of interventions where the team will jointly appraise the strengths and weakness of the project interventions and drawing corrective joint actions/recommendations (where needed); Follow up the implementation of the joint actions agreed upon)

Bread for the World -

External Evaluation / Assessment of Water Supply System component of a nine year Kilite Awulalo Intergated Development Programme (Assessed, particularly the water supply component’s achievements, challenges, outcome and impact (the changes in the lives of the direct and indirect beneficiaries; conducted an overall independent assessment about the performance of the action, paying particularly attention to the impact of the action against its objectives; and  identified key lessons and best practices, and propose practical recommendations for follow-up actions)

Bread for the World -

Formative Evaluation of a three-year "Green Livelihood and Natural Resource Development (Green LaND) " Program  in Western Oromia

Ethiopian Evangelical Church MekaneYesus - Development and Social Services Commission and Bread for the World -

Terminal Evaluation of Livelihood Diversification and Capacity Building Project in Gog District, Gambella, Ethiopia 

Brot für die Welt: Bread for the World/Protestant Agency for Draconia and Development -

Terminal Evaluation of Community Integration and Capacity Building Project in Itang District,  Gambella, Ethiopia

Brot für die Welt: Bread for the World/Protestant Agency for Draconia and Development -

Terminal Evaluation of Gambela Zuria District Food Security Improvement project

Brot für die Welt: Bread for the World/Protestant Agency for Draconia and Development -

Final Evaluation of “Improving the livelihoods for the poor through access to ICS in SNNPR, South Omo Zone, Ethiopia” project

Christian Aid and Women Support Association -

Coordination of Resilience Programme Management training for Core Staff of  Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) consortium team in Ethiopia (Christian Aid, Farm Africa, and their respective implementing partners including BBC Media Action)

Christian Aid Led BRACED Consortium in Ethiopia -
Humanitarian Surge Capacity Building ü Supporting WFP Somalia Country Coordination office in Livelihood and Resilience Programming. ü Capacity building of WFP, other UN agencies that are member of Somalia Joint Resilience Strategy such as UNICEF and FAO, their implementing partners and local government authorities on community based participatory planning, risk assessment (comprises of hazard, vulnerability and capacity assessment), identification of sound DRR measures (both structural and non-structural). ü Facilitated training of trainers (ToT) for a total of 82 experts drawn from WFP, UNICEF, FAO, Government line ministries, and UN Agencies’ Implementing partner NGOs. ü Prepared concept note on establishing pool of experts for WFP Somalia
World Food Programme Somalia -
Livelihood Programme Outcomes Assessment in Borana and South Omo Zones of Ethiopia
Christian Aid -
Terminal evaluation of Ethiopia Social Accountability Project 2 implemented by AFD, Funded by Multi Donor Trust Fund/World Bank
Action for Development -
Mid-Term evaluation of “Building Resilience through Integrated Recovery Support to Drought Affected Communities in Somali and Afar Regions” he European Commission (EC) funded SHARE resilience-building project project of consortium of Save the Children, Oxfam GB, LVIA, & HCS
Save the Children -
Baseline Assessment of “Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Functions and improved well-being of Highland and Lowland Communities within Bale Eco region (SHARE-BER)” – The European Commission (EC) Funded project implemented by Consortium of Farm Africa, SoS Sahel, Frankfurt Zoological Society, International water Management Institute, PHE Ethiopia Consortium
EC-SHARE-BER Consortium -
Baseline study of “Improving the Livelihoods for the poor through access to ICS in SNNPR, South Omo Zone, Ethiopia” – Women Support Association and Christian Aid project
Christian Aid -
Value Chain Design Development Training for CCFC and its partners staff
Christian Children’s Fund of Canada -
Stakeholder Analysis for the Project Entitled Strengthen and Scale up Reproductive Health/Family Planning Intervention through Multi-sectoral Population, Health, and Environment Integrated Approach in Ilu Aba Boara zone Oromia, Ethiopia
Ethio Wetland Association & PHE Ethiopia Consortium -
Terminal Evaluation of Community Based Aloe Productions Enterprise in Borena Zone, Oromia National Regional State
HUNDE & Christian AID -
BUILDING RESILIENT COMMUNITIES : Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction and Climate Change adaptation training for HEKS Ethiopia and its partners
Baseline Survey of Community Based Aloe Productions Enterprise in Arero and Yabelo Woredas of Borena zone, Oromia National Regional State
HUNDE & Christian AID -
Terminal Evaluation of “Building Resilient Communities to Drought Risk in Ethiopia II (implemented by consortium of three NGOs Lutheran World Federation, Agri Service Ethiopia (ASE), and DANCHURCH Aid (DCA) Financed by DG ECHO
DCA -ECHO Consortium -
Terminal Evaluation of EU IFS/ Rebuilding Livelihoods & Promoting Resiliency of Drought Affected Areas of Somali Regional State of Ethiopia (Partnering with Jarso Development Consulting)
EU IFS Somali Consortium -
Study of best practice & lessons learnt on Community Based Early Warning & Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction in Somali Regional state.
EU IFS Somali Consortium -
Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction training for Dan Church Aid, its implementing partners, and local government staff
FolkekirkensNødhjælp/Dan Church Aid Ethiopia -
Terminal Evaluation of Community Disaster Risk Management - Preparedness Improves Livelihoods and Resilience (CDRM-PILLAR Plus) project in drought prone areas of Ethiopia targeting pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in the Afar and Somali Regional States(Partnering with Jarso Development Consulting)
Save the Children -

DRR process oriented consultancy for PADD/EECMY Disaster Risk Reduction Dereba Lighthouse Project  (Identifying capacity gaps and building capacity of project staff and Collaborating with international consultant in supporting implementation and documentation of the project)

The Protestant Agency for Diakonia and Development (PADD)
Various capacity building trainings on disaster Risk Reduction , livelihoods, food security, resilience, preparedness/contingency planning, early warning and etc. for a number of I/NGOs
Various organizations

Capacity Building in Coordination, humanitarian-  development -peace nexus

  • Strengthen/reinforce regional/area coordination capacity/mechanism around the humanitarian-development-peace nexus (i.e. Resilience) including food security and vulnerabilities.
  • Strengthen United Nations Area Coordination (UNAC) and local operational decision making by enhancing regional information management and data, development analysis, planning and implementation at the local/district/regional level.
  • Increase local capacity (district, regional) to articulate, assess, and report against regional specific challenges and priorities including local institutional strengthening, environmental management, etc. in local development programming.
  • Strengthen Local Government and UNACs capacity in the long run and support Delivering as One, UNDAF implementation and reporting including joint programmes at the field level
Office of the UN Resident Coordinator in Uganda hired by Swedish Civil Contingencies to deliver the project